Veg & brown rice sushi rolls! Short grain brown rice, spinach, red pepper, cucumber, zucchini, and pea shoots.

PARIS - more on my instagram @hollydainty


making feta and black bean burgers with buckwheat flour and chilli for dinner tomorrow! Eating them Falafel style in Lettuce wraps with dairy free ginger and lemon mayo. Oh yeah!


Blueberry/vanilla smoothie bowl 😋

feeling very strong today, achy but happy and full of love for everybody! I have eaten a ton  today, starting with a heap of granola with pumpkin/sunflower seeds and blueberries and dairy free natural coyo, then after lifting some heavy weights and HIIT I had a Bounce Ball and then a Gluten free veggie & Humous wrap and coffee with momma! I also baked a banana loaf, dairy & gluten free, heavy on flax. So excited to eat it for brek tomorrow.